Disability Care

you’ve always provided top-quality care and attention for your loved one.

Your dedication to their health, safety, and happiness inspires us every day to provide the same level of care for all of our clients.

Though we could never replace what you do for your loved one or the impact you’ve made on their life, we strive to offer the highest quality in long term or short term homecare when you’re not there. We customize a Friends For Life caregiver’s role to your loved one’s needs.

For families assisting a disabled loved one, we can help with basic household management, and more importantly, the overall well-being of your family member. It is not uncommon or a sign of giving up if you need supportive care. Coping with a disability is tough and Friends For Life is here to offer assistance for younger adults and the elderly.

it’s always been a challenge to find time to expand your loved one’s horizons.

Through Friends For Life Homecare’s Disability Care Services, we can help provide mobility assistance, which can specifically work towards ensuring your loved one can slowly but surely improve their ability to do everyday tasks.

Whether that means slipping on a pair of shoes or turning off the light switch, we offer the client helpful support they need not only with day-to-day activities, but to live with a meaningful purpose.

We can provide regular visits for conversation and company, but in many cases, disabled clients need more assistance. Our services include, but are not limited to:


Accompanying clients to doctor appointments

Bathing and dressing assistance

Meal preparation

Laundry Services

Light housekeeping

Noting any change in client’s physical or psychological condition


We keep you informed every step of the way and are in constant contact with the family of our client. We work directly with you to create the perfect care and assistance plan for your disabled loved one.