Homemaker Services

our services don’t stop at home healthcare

We offer homemakers for the elderly or homebound, that provide assistance with duties that support your aging parents or loved ones and help them to remain in their homes.

Every home care situation is different. We will work with you to develop the required duties and a plan that is tailored to fit the specific needs of the client. Homemakers often strip beds, do laundry and remake beds with fresh linens. Friends for Life homecare services include (but are not limited to):

Washing clothes and towels

Folding and putting away clean laundry




Keeping bathroom and kitchen floors clean

Wiping down counters after meal preparation

our aids are here to help

We are client advocates and we can assist clients by providing the following services:

Homemaker services can also include any other tasks as directed by the family or loved one, that best support the needs of the client and help to support their independence. All required services and tasks will be outlined prior to the start of services. Reminding your loved one to take their medication is an important part of homemaker services as medication compliance is key to a long and healthy independent life at home.

A homemaker aide may also assist your loved one with shopping, carrying groceries, putting away groceries and preparing a grocery lists. Your homemaker aide will also check the expiration date on refrigerated products to ensure the personal safety of the client.

If a client is unable to leave their home, a homemaker aide will run an errand as directed and as needed. Our homemakers provide a compassionate and watchful eye – just by being present, as they perform traditional homemaking services. These homemaking services allow your aging parents or disabled loved ones to remain in the comfort of their own home.

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