Respite Care Program

caregiving is a demanding job and it is difficult to handle all alone.

Caring for someone in need of support often requires a great amount of time, dedication, compassion and energy.

For those times when a caregiver needs some relief, whether for a few hours, a few days or a couple of weeks, Friends For Life offers respite services.

At Friends for Life Homecare, we understand the challenges of finding time to expand the horizons of your loved one. Although we could never replace what you do for them or the impact you have on their life, we strive to offer the highest quality short or long term care when you are unable to be with them. We can specifically work towards ensuring your loved one can slowly but surely improve their quality of life and their ability to perform everyday tasks. We will support their need to work towards a meaningful purpose. We will work with you to analyze the needs of the caregiver and your loved one. We will then develop a respite plan that identifies the type, skills, frequency, and location of respite services for your loved one.

respite care program

Our Respite Program can provide you or any full-time caregiver with a much needed break from every day responsibilities and a temporary pause from your daily routine.

Friends For Life respite care can provide the family or caregivers a chance to recover from the stresses of daily care, take some time away or focus on other personal needs. Caregiving is a demanding job and it is difficult to handle all alone. Respite care provides short-term breaks that can relieve stress, restore energy, and promote balance in your life. After respite, most caregivers return to their loved one, rested and energized and ready to devote their time and energy once again.

If you or anyone you know are in need of any type of assistance, please let us know.