leave those to-do lists to us!

We know it can be difficult to balance recovery or rehabilitation following an illness, injury, or surgery with the everyday things you need to do.

After an injury, illness or a stay in the hospital, many clients have a need for additional assistance when they return to their homes. We can help you regain confidence and independence faster by allowing you to devote your time and energy to rehabilitation and recovery instead of your day-to-day tasks.

devote your time to recovery

Friends for Life Homecare can provide you with rehabilitative care after most surgeries and procedures including (but not limited to):

Knee Replacement

Hip Replacement





Whatever illness or injury you or a loved one may be recovering from, if you find yourself in need of additional care, contact Friends For Life today.


Reducing Hospital Readmissions

At Friends For Life Homecare, we strive to ensure our client’s health with non-medical at home care services.

Reducing Readmission Rates with Non-Medical Care

Hospitalizations account for nearly one third of the total two trillion dollars spent on healthcare in the United States, and a substantial fraction of these hospitalizations are avoidable patient readmissions. Through detailed monitoring, we make sure the client stays healthy to avoid going back to the hospital.

Friends For Life Homecare Readmission Prevention Program

This program creates positive patient outcomes and help to reduce readmission to the hospital. It enhances the patient experience by keeping them in the comfort of their own home, not the hospital.

We can help to reduce hospital readmissions with non-medical homecare by creating a personalized, patient-focused strategy and educating the client, family, and caregivers.

Our caregivers are available for 24-hour care that can include:

Helping with special diet meal prep, exercise, hydration

Medication reminders and transportation to medical appointments

Observation of conditions

Early intervention (Calling a doctor when needed)

Record client satisfaction data

Its our goal to improve the emotional and spiritual wellness of our clients each and every day. Get in touch with us today to see which service is right for you!