Wellness Watch

safeguard visits

As an additional service, Friends For Life can provide a scheduled safeguard visit to those clients who may not require assistance with everyday activities.

Safeguard visits are given as a safety precaution or an extra measure to ensure the client is well, safe, and comfortable. These services are often utilized for clients that don’t require daily or frequent home care visits but their loved ones still want to ensure that they are safe. Visits normally last no longer than one hour. In that time we will make sure the client has eaten, ask or remind the client to take medication, collect the newspaper and mail, etc.

wellness watch

The goal of the safeguard visit is to ensure that all is well with the client, and advise their family of their status.

This service is especially helpful to the adult children or family members of clients that may live out of town, but still want to make sure their relatives are healthy, cared for, and doing well.

Wellness Watch visits can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These services can be specifically customized to the needs of your parent or loved one.