we have a “people-first” philosophy

Friends For Life Homecare is about extraordinary people and exceptional services.

Friends For Life Homecare represents a new way of assisting people so they can experience the quality of life they deserve. Our Homecare Service Organization is committed to excellence and applies a “people-first” philosophy that focuses on creating real personal connections.

Home Care Agencies in Long Island

With over 30 years of experience and an exceptionally trained and experienced staff, we are able to provide the highest level of support and companionship. Friends For Life Homecare has built its reputation across Long Island as being one of New York’s most trusted providers. We offer a variety of services that not only benefit the client, but their families as well. We are committed to being a world class organization that provides the highest quality care to our clients and their families.

Our Mission

Friends For Life Homecare has developed and continued to expand our capabilities in the services necessary to improve quality of care. The potential of this mission-driven agency is best represented in the growth and quality of the services we provide to our clients.

Long Island residents that are looking for reputable home care agencies in Long Island should contact Friends For Life Homecare.  Compared to other home care agencies in Long Island, Friends For Life Homecare offers quality and compassionate home care services to clients in Long Island. We have years of experience in the Long Island home care industry and we are one of the finest home care agencies that also offers many additional services beyond home care.Home Care Agencies in Long Island

If you are researching home care agencies in Long Island that also offer additional services, take a look at all the services that Friends For Life can offer to you or a loved one.  We are one of the only home care agencies in Long Island that offers home care services that can be completely customized to the needs of the Long Island client. Whatever you or a loved one requires – we can assist you. Many clients only need care during the evenings; some may need overnight care, while others need care all day long.  Our programs are specifically customized to meet our Long Island client’s needs. We offer home care services for as little as four hours per day, and up to 24 hours/7days per week coverage.  Speak with a representative at one of the most trusted home care agencies in Long Island, to develop a home care plan that meets all your needs.

As one of the most qualified and flexible home care agencies in Long Island, we can provide home care assistance to people in their own homes or those who may be living in a facility. We strive to support our clients and their families by providing flexible care based upon their individual needs and requests. We are always accessible and offer services seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  In addition to home care services we offer other service to the Long Island community including travel companion services, hospice care, personal consultants, rehabilitation care, and we also provide respite care to give a family member or care provider an occasional break.

Home Care Agencies in Long IslandFriends For Life is one of the most experienced home care agencies in Long Island, and we have a dedicated team of employees with over 30 years of combined experience in the home care industry. We offer professional and nurturing assistance in a comfortable and familiar environment. It is our goal to improve the emotional and spiritual wellness of our clients through the home care services that we provide to clients in Long Island.

Most home care agencies in Long Island do not offer all the services that Friends For Life offers.   In addition to home related tasks, our home care companions can assist with running errands, going to doctor’s appointments, or going out for a meal.  Our companions will visit a nursing home, assisted living facility, or retirement community, to provide added companion care and assistance.

Friends For Life is located in Massapequa and Massapequa Park, but our home care specialists will travel to any location in Long Island to assist our clients.  Contact us at  516-586-6941 and we would be happy to discuss any home care needs that you may have.

Our homecare is more affordable than you think.


Our philosophy and culture are built around having highly experienced professionals who are experts at providing the necessary support and education to all our clients and families. Our services guide clients through the entire process and our top priority is always to place the needs of our clients and their families above all else. Our outstanding quality of care has earned us the reputation of providing the best services and support available. To maintain this commitment, our team members are dedicated to caring for our own clients in the same way we would care for ourselves and our families.

Our service offerings include access to a network of community resources to ensure comfort, reduce anxiety, and allow quality time to be spent with your loved one. As a team, we have been repeatedly recommended to others in need by satisfied clients and their families. We are a growing and expanding company based on dedication and loyalty to our clients. You can count on our experience, our professionalism, and our reputation to ensure that your needs will be met with the utmost care, comfort, and peace of mind you deserve.

What makes us different

Whether you are searching for short-term recovery care or long-term care, our experienced and compassionate companions can assist you or a loved one. We offer a free in-home consultation to determine the exact needs of the patient and we can accommodate same day or next day servicing needs.

Friends For Life Homecare services are different than others because we offer:

Competitive rates and price matching

A free 24-hour live answer hotline

Monitored and managed care

Patient and family advocacy

Biweekly phone call supervision

Access to premier affiliated network relationships

Our services are available on a regular basis or as a backup to caregiver support.